FIRST ISSUES – October 2014

Getting into comics can seem difficult to the newcomer.  Here are some starting points.

New Comics OCT

The following is a list of first issues, one shots and stepping on points to be released in October 2014.  Schedules change and they may not all be released in October (or sometimes at all).  While first issues are more likely to be new reader friendly, that is not always the case and no guarantees are made.

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COMIC ISSUES – A History of Violence

 The Obscure Comic Book Film Source Project.


A multi-blog look at lists of “Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based On Comics” to see how true they really are.

A History of Violence is the story of Tom McKenna, a small-town soda shop owner who becomes a local hero when he stops a violent attack by two men on his shop and repercussions.

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