Earth Two (also Earth-2 or Earth 2) is a term used in the DC Universe (and in discussions of it) to identify a parallel universe.  It is also (especially prior to 2011) used as a descriptor too differentiate between versions of a character.  (The Earth-2 Superman, for example).  The term is usually applied to universes containing Golden Age DC Universe or versions of them.


1.  The Golden Age Universe – When, during the Silver Age of Comics, DC reintroduced the Golden Age characters as coming from a parallel universe called Earth-Two.

JLA - Earth 2

2.  The Post-Crisis Universe – The mainline universe, ostensibly the Earth-One/Silver Age universe combined with elements from other universes.  Grant Morrison’s 2000 comic JLA: Earth 2, introduced a new parallel universe (resembling the one traditionally called Earth-Three).  People from that universe discovered the main DC Universe and called in Earth 2.  If that didn’t cause confusion enough, many fans confused the issue more by calling this new Earth Earth 2 instead.  Morrison loves creating confusion.

Justice Society of America Annual 1-6

3.  One of the 52 Earths – After the Infinite Crisis event, one of the new Earths resembling the traditional Earth-Two was named Earth-2.


4.  One of the New 52 Earths – After the Flashpoint event, the previous Earth-2 was rebooted, featuring very different versions of the Golden Age characters that appear in a post-New 52 comic called Earth 2.

Words vs Numerals

In the early years both “Earth-Two” and “Earth-2” were used but as time went on, Earth-Two became the standard.  When Infinite Crisis reintroduced multiple Earths, numerals were used exclusively, causing some to denote the old Earth-Two with the word and the new Earth-2 with the numeral.

~ DUG.

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This blog is meant to iron out issues and help understanding of comic book terms and ideas.  However, it also uses many terms and ideas new readers may be unfamiliar with.  For clarifications, just comment below.


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