UNIVERSES – The Wildstorm Universe

Getting into comics can seem difficult to the newcomer.  What are the different universes and why are there so many?


Lets look at the Wildstorm Universe… home of WildCATS, StormWatch, Gen¹³, Deathblow, Wetworks, Team 7, Mr Majestic, The Authority, Planetary  and others.

Image Universe.


WildStorm Productions was part of Image Comics and many Wildstorm characters and teams made up part of the loose Image Universe.  As outlined on the page, the Shatter Image mini-series allowed the Wildstorm Universe separate from the rest of the Image Universe (although it was part of the later Altered Images mini-series).

WildStorm Universe/Earth-50.


Eventually DC Comics acquired WildStorm Productions and continued publishing comics in the Wildstorm Universe.

In a 2005 issue of the DC comic Superman/Batman, the character Captain Atom sacrificed himself, ending up in the Wildstorm Universe leading to Worldstorm, a reboot of the continuity, although it was partially rolled back in later comics.

The 2005 – 2006 series 52 reintroduced a new multiverse to DC Comics and revealed that the Wildstorm Universe was the parallel universe called Earth-50.

2008 – 2009 saw the release of the World’s End mini-series, which again lead to a wrap-up of the existing universe.

The New 52.


With DC’s partially rebooted “New 52” universe in 2011, Wildstorm and its characters became part of the new mainline DC Universe, with Voodoo, Grifter and Stormwatch launched as 3 of the new universe’s 52 initial titles.  Some changes were made, for example DC’s Martian Manhunter was now a main character in Stormwatch.

Voodoo was cancelled with issue #0 (13th issue) in September 2012, Grifter was cancelled with issue #16 in March 2013 Stormwatch was cancelled with issue #30 in April 2013.

~ DUG.

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This blog is meant to iron out issues and help understanding of comic book terms and ideas.  However, it also uses many terms and ideas new readers may be unfamiliar with.  For clarifications or corrects, comment below.



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