COMIC ISSUES – Road to Perdition

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Road to Perdition is the story of Michael O’Sullivan a man getting revenge on the mob for the death of his wife and one of his sons.

Writer:  Max Allan Collins.

Artist:  Richard Piers Rayner.

The story is narrated by Michael O’Sullivan, jnr, the surviving son who is forced by circumstances to accompany his trip of vengeance.  Road to Perdition is a simple action/thriller, about a man getting revenge, but compelling and mostly well told.  It does become a little too action-super-hero able to kill everyone in the room at times, but that’s the genre.  It also becomes a little too “name-droppy” in an attempt to seem like a true story.  But certainly worth a read.

Writer Max Allan Collins seems to struggle with the format, Michael jnr’s first person personal narrative is constantly justifying third person omniscient of the art.  While it makes sense at first to set up the concept, but it starts to get annoying after a while.  It does disappear a little in the middle, but annoyingly returns.


The art looks rough but suits the mood.  Unfortunately, the use of cross-hatching for shading occasionally distracts, making the making the images look futuristic instead of old and failing to make use of any natural contours.  Other than that the art is mostly consistent and the faces usually distinguishable – usually – which is rare for this style of art.  But over all it does the job.

It was made into a film in 20002.


Road to Perdition

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5 thoughts on “COMIC ISSUES – Road to Perdition

  1. I enjoyed this. Like you I thought that the art was well suited to the story, and it’s imperfections added to the atmosphere for me. It straddles the line between grit and action, as noire often does, with suitable bleakness. Not something I feel a vast urge to revisit, but worth the time.

    Have you read any of Brubaker and. Philips’s Criminal? I feel like they do what this aims for, but better.

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