Getting into reading and collecting comics can seem difficult to the newcomer and some people just don’t like Super Heroes, so he are some comics from other genres:


Ten comics from the fantasy genre.

The following list is in no particular order.  The list is not necessarily to recommend or review any particular comics or titles, but to show a range of non-super hero option as starting points.

See also:  Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales for similar types genres of comics.

Based on prose.


Dark Tower (Marvel)

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

Marvel (2007 – )

  • Mostly new material about the character The Gunslinger.
  • A number of mini-series.
  • Where to Start:  Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born (collecting the 7 issue mini-series of the same name).



Conan #24

Robert E Howard’s Conan

  • Conan is the quintessential Sword & Sorcery character, his comic book form even more than even the original stories.

Marvel (1970 – 1996)

  • Adaptations of Howard stories and new material.
  • A number of long running ongoing series.
  • Often part of the Marvel Universe.
  • Where to start:  Three main series of collections by Dark Horse:  Chronicles of Conan (collecting Conan the Barbarian (1970 – 1993)), Savage Sword of Conan (collecting the series of the same name (1974 – 1995)) and  and Chronicles of King Conan (collecting King Conan (1980 – 1989))

Dark Horse (2003 – )

  • Adaptations of Howard stories and new material.
  • Primarily a number of long running series following each other, but also a number of mini-series, especially “King Conan” minis.
  • Where to start:  Conan vol 1 The Frost Giant’s Daughter and Other Stories (Conan #1 – 6, half of #7) and the prequel story: Conan vol 0 Born on the Battlefield (Conan #8, 15, 23, 32, 44 & 45).


Other Fantasy


Red Sonja

Marvel (1973 – 1995)

  • The chain-mail bikini Sword & Sorcery female (although she hasn’t always worn it.)
  • Based on Robert E Howard’s Red Sonya character adapted for Conan’s Hyberion Age setting and legally distinct from that character.
  • Like Conan, appeared to be part of the Marvel Universe.
  • Where to start:  The Adventures of Red Sonja vol 1 She-Devil With A Sword (Marvel Features #1 – 7)

Dynamite (2005 – )

  • A couple of consecutive long running series and number of mini-series.
  • Rebooted in 2014.
  • Where to start:  Red Sonja Omnibus vol 1 (Red Sonja #0 – 18); Reboot – Red Sonja vol 1: Queen of the Plagues.




Warp Graphics (Also Marvel, DC & Dark Horse).

  • Has the feel of 80s children fantasies but with adult moments and plotting.
  • The story of Cutter and his tribe of “Wolfrider” elves looking for a new home after primitive humans destroy their forest and their quest to discover their origins.
  • During the Warp Graphic era, ElfQuest was one of the big 3 of self-published comics.
  • Where to start:  Most issues available free online at the official site, issue #1 the obvious starting point.



Groo the Wander

Various companies (creator owned)

  • Sword & sorcery parody.
  • Where to start:  The Groo Adventurer (Collects Marvel’s Groo the Wanderer #1 – 4, earlier Pacific stories uncollected.)





  • Band of fantasy adventurers including anthropomorphic animals.




(Originally published in 2000AD)

  • Roughly based on legendary and mythical Celtic characters and ideas.
  • Where to Start:  Sláine: Warrior’s Dawn (Stories from 2000AD #330 – 360)



The Warlord

DC Comics (1975 – 2010 (off & on)).

  • Modern man in a Lost World, often within the DC Universe.
  • Sometimes appears with super heroes.
  • 2006 reboot of the concept quickly cancelled and ignored due to low sales.
  • Where to Start:  The Warlord: The Savage Empire (collects First Issue Special #8, The Warlord vol 1 #1 – 10, 12)





  • A Tarzan knock-off in the “Savage Lands,” a Lost World within the Marvel Universe.
  • Sometimes crosses over with super heroes especially the X-Men.



Poison Elves


  • An elf in a tech-magic world.
  • Where to start:  Poison Elves vol 1 Requiem for an Elf (I, Lusiphur #1 – 6)

~ DUG.


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