UNIVERSES – The DC Universe part I: The Golden Age.

Getting into reading and collecting comics can seem difficult to the newcomer.  What are the different universes and why are there so many?

DC Universe

The history of the DC Universe is long and complex, and started in the Golden Age of Comics.

The Golden Age – Main universe



Initially DC’s heroes remained separate, basically, until 1940’s All-Star Comics #3 brought many of them together as the Justice Society of America.  Heroes active in this era included Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the original versions of The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman and others.  Overtime superhero comics became less popular and Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman became the only characters published.

Characters from this era include:

  • Superman
  • Batman & Robin
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Arrow & Speedy
  • Aquaman
  • Atom (Al Pratt)
  • Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
  • The Spectre
  • The Flash (Jay Garrick)
  • Hawkman (Carter Hall) & Hawkgirl (Shiera Sanders)
  • Doctor Fate
  • Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
  • Hourman (Rex Tyler)

~ DUG.

[This post is an update of some (not all) of the information found UNIVERSES – The DC Universe Part 1 (The Golden Age/Earth Two)]


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