Getting into reading and collecting comics can seem difficult to the newcomer.

Help be work out what’s the best use of this blog:

  • Characters – Trying to explain a comic book character.
  • Comic Book References – Characters and other references in TV shows and movies.
  • Comic Codes – Industry jargon.
  • Comic Codes: Dollar Codes – First and important issues for $1.
  • Comic Codes – New Reader Codes – Logos used by companies to indicate stepping on points.
  • First Issues – New #1s in coming months.
  • Not Just Super Heroes – Lists of 10 comics/series/graphic novels that go beyond the genre of super heroes.
  • Online Resources – Places to find out stuff about comics/characters on the web.
  • Universes – How to tell apart different universe in different countries.


Do the poll.

~ DUG.


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