NOT JUST SUPERHEROES – Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Getting into comics can seem difficult to the newcomer and not everyone likes Superheroes.

Sandman Comics

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There comics abut myths, legends and fairy tales for people who don’t like Superheroes.

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Earth 1

Comic fans and companies have a jargon that is used all the time, even in comic book titles, that new fans may find confusing.  A “Comic Code.”  Let’s look at one of the terms…

Earth One (also Earth-1 or Earth 1) is a term used in the DC Universe (and in discussions of it) to identify a parallel universe.  It is also (especially prior to 2011) used as a descriptor too differentiate between versions of a character.  (The Earth-1 Superman, for example).  The term is usually applied to universes containing Silver Age DC Universe or versions of them.

Silver Age JLA

1.  The Silver Age Universe – When, during the Silver Age of Comics, DC reintroduced the Golden Age characters as coming from a parallel universe called Earth-Two and thus named the new Silver Age universe Earth-One.


2.  The Evil Universe – After Crisis on Infinite Earths, other universes merged into mainline universe Earth-One, because of the changes this Universe was no longer named Earth-One.  Grant Morrison’s 2000 comic JLA: Earth 2, introduced a new parallel universe (resembling the one traditionally called Earth-Three), which the inhabitants called Earth 1.


3.  One of the 52 Earths – After the Infinite Crisis event, one of the new Earths, many people assumed that the mainline universe was called Earth-1 again, however, it was called “New Earth” and instead new comics were produced under the title of Earth One, those being the Original Graphic Novels Superman: Earth One and Batman: Earth One.

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