FIRST ISSUE – March 2015

Getting into reading and collecting comics can seem difficult to the newcomer.  Here are some starting points.

New Comics 03_

The following is a list of first issues, one shots and stepping on points to be released in March 2015.  Schedules change and they may not all be released in March (or sometimes at all).  While first issues are more likely to be new reader friendly, that is not always the case and no guarantees are made.

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NOT JUST SUPER-HEROES – Autobiographical & Semi-autobiographical comics

 Getting into reading and collecting comics can seem difficult to the newcomer and not everyone likes Superheroes.

Harvey Pekar

 Graphic Memoirs

While Mythology. Crime & Fantasy comics are rare in the mainstream of comics there is a lot of crossover with the superhero mainstream – some even exist in the same universes as superheroes.  Meanwhile, there’s a style of comic that is rarely found in comic stores and that is the stories of people’s lives.  Often self-published, underground or independently produced comics or treated as literature and published by “real” book publishers and more likely to be found in bookstores these true, partially true or truish stories are emotional, honest and personal and chart real life from the tragic to the mundane and the romantic and bittersweet.

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